Kiddd is busy with the trust crisis, with officials who need to be checked





Trustworthy     ?







The observation is always similar: Groups of functionaries spill billions of public money by choosing bad and very expensive “solutions”. In which pockets do the spent billions flow? Which groups earn billions by realization of those expensive “solutions”? That’s the key question! That’s the key to intelligence! (a group of billionaires behind the scene, main owners of multinationals?)

On the way to bad solutions informations over better solutions have to be suppressed. Typically the manipulating groups come up with hoaxes and lies. At a certain stage those officials refuse to answer questions of independent experts. “We have the power to press our vision through, assisted by the main medias, commanded by us!”. That’s the arrogant signal before they fall in deep silence.


But there are open letters. And there is the Internet. We use it to inform parts of the public.

Kiddd says: “No answer - no trust ! Quit our offices! “.  Unthrustworthy official: quit!


Now the manipulating groups try to build for many billions huge ineffective windparks in the North Sea, “to fight CO2-production , causing climate change”. Super-expensive and zero effect:

1..Man made climate change is caused for 7 parts by methane (produced by the cattle stock: cows pigs chickens of the meat eaters) and only for 1 part by CO2. (See film of the Party  Partij voor de Dieren, NL).  2.. The cost price for current from normal windmills on sea is 8 ct /kWh, the cost price for current from EnergyBird Power Plants is 1 ct /kWh, 8 times cheaper! Why do they silence that? Why does the new clean energy technology encounter all kinds of traps and suppression?


Open Letter to H.Brouwer (top official EZ),   M.v.d. Hoeven (minister EZ, NL)



The energy crisis

Its real cause: suppression

of  3 clean energy technologies.

Production of large amounts of

cheap clean energy is possible!

Why do top officials silence that?


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The security crisis

Help terrorists ! Think ! Who is

controling whom? Who controles the

 chiefs? Terrorists and control on you.

Why do the big chiefs refuse to be checked by the most advanced means  for being trust-worthy?. Two cheques short and reliable directly inside the brain?   click here


The trust crisis

Untrustworthy officials

suspicious of dubble agenda

Officials  choosing worse and very expensive “solutions”, spilling billions, refusing to answer questions: why?

See open letters to such officials.

Page 2 , Balkenende

Page 3 , M.vd.Hoeven

Page 4 , J.Cramer,Vrom

Page 5 , .Brouwer

Page 6 , Conclusion



The money crisis

The credit crisis. The bank crisis

They  are  shaking  the  trees !

It´s a repetition of an  old game:

Causing panic, harvesting billions.



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Office holders paid by us and cheating us must quit the office !



Please make a firm decision: Do you support this claim? Yes or not?

Ovaal: Trust or cheat: what do we need ?
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Ovaal: Trust or cheat: what do we need ?
Ovaal: Deep check  of 
officials in deep silence


Actual:   Page 5a   :  Wolf  Madlener wants to get into the EU-Parlament. 

How  the citizens would decide, if they would know him? Why nearly nobody knows him?

Why nobody has checked him seriously? No time? No eyes? No awareness of danger? Who takes care?

Obviously wolves are using the system weakness to intrude. Obviously there is something to improve!