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Fredrik Reinfeldt

Prime Minister of Sweden

holding the EU-Presidency now



Subject:  MP Balkenende of NL

on the list of candidates for the position permanent EU President



Dear Mister Reinfeldt !


How can we serve our country? One way is to choose good leaders. Making known facts, which should be known in the election process is part of it.


We advice you to erase from the candidate list for the position permanent EU President  Mister Jan Peter Balkenende, since 8 years minister president of the Netherlands, for at least 3 reasons:


1.  He is offending the democratic right of concerned citizens and experts to get answers from the government on serious questions. He offended this citizen right throughout the 8 years of his government. He confirmed his “politics of no answer” in a letter from 11.9.2009. We add a scan of this letter  —> here <— . There is evidence, that he and his background group have urged his ministers to apply the same politics of no answer in many cases. 


2. He is one of the three B’s (Bush, Blair, Balkenende), having ignites the Iraq war with manipulations and lies, with 100.000’s of victims dead and many millions suffering from this war. The world has a short memory. We not. There is running an investigation of the house of deputies “Tweede Kamer” of NL in Balkenende’s role in the start up of this war. By power play Balkenende and his group have retarded the outcome of this investigation until the end of this year. In our eyes he cannot be elected as EU-president before a positive outcome of a reliable investigation. And it is said, that the outcome can be unreliable, because a political friend of him got the task to investigate. Maybe that it has to be done over by a neutral person.


3. Balkenende is suffering from the laugh disease, clearly to see in his interview with the NOS-journalist Astrid Kerseboom after the suicide-attack on the queen and her family in Apeldoorn on 30.4.2009, with a lot of blood, 7 persons dead and many injured persons. Each sentence of Balkenende ended with a big smile, not congruent with the content of the sentence, and totally incongruent with the sad and bloody event. Then he tightened his face muscles and his mouth extremely in order not to burst out in a big laughter, in that special laughter marking this illness. By that strange behaviour Balkenende showed, that something was going on in the back of his head, he could not control completely: A suddenly arising big damage is a feast for persons with the laugh disease.


Behind walls of camouflage they use to produce big damages themselves in order to experience this intense joy. That makes these sick persons and groups of cooperating sick persons extremely dangerous.


Ignition of wars is an activity of sick groups. So point 2 (accusation of assistance in igniting the Iraq war) and the observation of clear markers of the illness click together in the case of Balkenende.  A person with this qualification on the seat EU-President? No!


Trained doctors can see markers of illness, where the normal citizen fails to observe them.  Please visit the website www.network-96-against-4.kiddds.org  for more information.


We suggest a scientific test of Balkenende for the presence of the defect gene causing the laugh illness.



Before going on with more specifications in regard to the Balkenende-points 1 to 3, we would like to present ourselves in short:


We are the EU-party  “Real Solutions” ,

supporting real solutions,

especially in regard to money, to energy and to population development.


 Our 3 spearheads are:

1.. Sound money distribution in the society, with minima and maxima

2.. Clean energy production only  -  application of the existing clean energy technologies suppressed until now (see page 5 of www.energybird.org for more information)

3.. reasonable growth of the world population by avoiding to make the same fault again and again.


A clean government, consisting of highly skilled normal people, without dangerous illnesses and not connected with interest groups, is to realize the three spearheads and more program points. 


Our website is   www.realsolutions3.org .


In the EU-party “Real Solutions” we have a great group of 65-plussers with a lot of experience, with a long memory and with absence of fear. Economically they are independent. They have not so many years to loose. They have dedicated the rest of their active lifetime to work for the kids of the world, now unable to control normality on the planet because of their being children, but will become victims for long periods, if it goes wrong, if dictatorship or war arise again. So the older and experienced people should do the work. United in an organization with name <Kiddds> the 65-plussers are fulfilling the task of guardians. Please visit their website  www.kiddds.org !


Additional information in regard to the 3 Balkenende-points:


Ad 1:  In 8 years we have sent at least 80 letters to Balkenende, about 10 per year, often about environment, innovations, clean energy, and never got an answer. During this summer we published an open letter to him on our website www.politics.kiddds.org. Then we started to send him a new copy of the open letter each day per post. A few times, when present in Den Haag, we sticked such a letter on the door of his office, spotting his politics of suppression of clean energy technologies. Parallel we sent the same letter to the head of the secret service AIVD, with full name and full address of one of our persons, responsible for the content, so demonstrating our opinion to stand and to work on the legal site, demonstrating absence of fear.

And applying our new strategy “soft provocation”

(see www.softprovocation.kiddds.org)


Looking into the past we didn’t await an answer.

By surprise Balkenende answered on 11.9.09 (on 9/11 !!).

But the content of his short letter can only be understood as a confirmation that he wants to continue the offences of our civil right to get answers on serious questions. Balkenende utters nonsense. Totally not logical he says: “Because your letter is an open letter, I have only to say <I have got it and I have read it>. I don’t have to give an answer regarding the content, regarding your questions” . In our eyes, just because it is an open letter, he has to answer with very good arguments.  But he doesn’t. Explicit offence of our civil rights !

Then he adds that he hasn’t seen more letters from us. He doesn’t come on the idea to ask his staff, where the other 80 letters might be or where they might have vanished. Here he is playing and working with lies.

From contacts in the administration we know that he and his group use to manipulate information, sometimes forcing ministers not to answer letters or to lie.

The “no-answer-letter” of Balkenende is addressed to a person only (G. Niessen, u.o. inventor of clean energy technology (www.energybird.org) ), avoiding carefully to name an organisation. 


Ad 2:   It is well known that Balkenende wanted to support the Iraq war fully, but had to step back because of resistance in NL. So he limited his support on invisible activities. Which ones? is the question. Where did he lie and manipulate? The accusations against him, coming from ex-minister Pronk and others, and the distrust against him and his power games, f.i. uttered by P. van Vollehoven, a respected member of the family of the Queen, are clear. A neutral research team has to answer the open questions. But is there a neutral research team?

A person igniting wars on the seat EU-president? Thinkable? For us unthinkable!


Ad 3:   There are lots of hints that Balkenende is a victim of the laugh disease, Already his name Balkenende (Ende eines Balkens) is a hint, that he belongs to a group highly infected. This group used to choose special names, when infiltrating Europe. Knowledge of the history of Asia, Russia and Europe from about 300 until now, with a special mark point in 451 n.C., helps to bring light into hidden streams of events. The group dominating now is an outcome of many blood mixtures, and now mainly bound together by the common illness, door an inherited gene-defect causing the illness. The gene defect is the problem. Therefore we should try to get grip on this defect by gene-technology, avoiding thereby to repeat the numerous mistakes of the past. The fate has created this evil “laugh disease”.  The fate will help us to take it away, when its time is over.


Again we sign this letter to authorities with name

and address of organisations and persons,

demonstrating our opinion to stand and to work on the legal site,

demonstrating to be able to overrule fear for counter actions.

demonstrating our dedication to create normality on the planet,

to make it a place for future generations to live a normal life,

not heaven, not hell, something between: just normal.


Kiddds - Network

Network of parents and grandparents

for  the kids of the world

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Gunther Niessen, 06-39 79 6 11 6

Surstraat 1, 2612 TN Delft


and EU-Party “Real Solutions”

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1.. He has been offending the civil rights in NL during 8 years.

2.. He is one of the 3 B’s (Bush, Blair, Balkenende), having

     ignited  the Iraq war with manipulations and lies.

3.. He is victim of the dangerous laugh disease, causing persons to feel joy when seeing big damage, causing persons and groups of persons to produce big damage behind walls of camouflage. Ignition of war is one of the biggest damage activities possible.

And the biggest fun of sick persons ...

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our letter to Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt

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